National Blue Ribbon School

National Blue Ribbon Flag Raising Ceremoney


The National Blue Ribbon Flag raising ceremony captured the brilliance of the children, the commitment of the schools, and the caring of the community.

The ceremony began with a parade bearing the National Blue Ribbon flag through our schools from the hands of retired teachers to present teachers inviting students and community members to join in the energy of the drum line.

Distinguished guests and families joined us on a cold winter's day to celebrate the fruits of their labor and love of the children and their learning:

Past and present Kohler School Board members

Past Superintendent and Principal

Retired teachers and staff

Members of the Kohler School Foundation, Kohler School Friends, Performing Arts Organization, and Booster Club

Kohler Village Board members

Kohler Foundation members

Exemplary teachers and staff

School Board President, Mrs. Marlene Yang, asked students to continue to do great things with their minds. Deputy State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Dr. Mike Thompson, congratulated our students and school community on being the only public high school in the state this year to achieve recognition and only one of over 200 high schools in the nation. Senator Joe Leibham spoke of the flag as a meaningful symbol of excellence. Principal Lori Neurohr shared the raising of the flag would be completed by a teacher from each school to represent the building of strengths from school to school.

At the moment the flag reached the top of the staff, hundreds of blue and white Bomber balloons rose into the sky to symbolize the great heights to which our children will rise. With the National Blue Ribbon flag flying high at Kohler Schools, Superintendent Quynh Trueblood invites us all to look to the flag with pride for what we have accomplished together and to guide us to new heights.