High School College Counseling Services

The vision for the Kohler College and Career Advising Program is to become a “Best-in-Class” program which attracts students because of its unique features and high level of support.

College admission representatives can now go to Counselor Community to schedule an appointment with our high school. Please contact our school directly for additional appointment options.


  • To provide students with comprehensive and well supported college and career planning and exploration experiences leading to an appropriate post-secondary match.
  •  To engage students and families in the college and career planning and application process leading to on-time enrollment in school or career immediately following high school.
  • To use web-based applications with students and families; to customize and manage the college and career planning process; and to provide oversight and accountability for quality program implementation.
  • To advocate for students pursuing specific career paths or colleges and to serve as a liaison between Kohler Schools and the most selective colleges students may pursue.

Exam Preparation — Each fall and spring the College Guidance program offers information on PSAT, SAT, and ACT preparation and review courses.  Kohler students are given opportunities to take practice tests including the PSAT and the ACT Aspire.

Writing the Student Essay — Students are encouraged to work on one of the most difficult parts of the college application, the student essays, with support from English teachers and the College Advisor.  Students learn to write with style and candor, and the college advisor works with students to polish their essays, offering insight and advice gained from knowing the students and the process.

College Representative Visits—Kohler schools recruit schools to send representatives to our campus throughout the fall in order to provide personal presentations about their programs. 

College and Career Advisor—The college and career advisor is responsible for guiding our students through the college application process in individual and group sessions.

Advising—Kohler High and the College Advisor reinforce the College and Career Advising Program through facilitation of group sessions to keep students on track.  The College Advisor is an excellent resources for determining a "best fit" college choice for many students who will also write letters of recommendation and provide important references as part of the college application.

Naviance – Naviance is the district’s college and career planning tool.  All students in grades 9 through 12 use Naviance: to manage the college and career exploration process; to apply for colleges and scholarships; and to develop the senior project and portfolio.  The College and Career Advisor serves as the Naviance project manager.

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