Kohler Elementary School

About Us

Kohler Elementary School, junior kindergarten through fifth grade, has a long history of educational excellence, dating back to 1852. A complete school building renovation took place in 2007, including a new gymnasium, updated entrance and administrative offices, a distance learning classroom, technology facilities, and additional classrooms. Kohler also offers an elementary Spanish language program, day care, and professional chef-prepared meals in our lunchroom. This past year, two iPad carts were purchased for use primarily in the fourth and fifth grade classrooms.  Some of the school's proudest achievements:

Kohler Elementary School provides:

• Dedicated, innovative, responsive and energetic teachers and staff

• Consistent scores above the state and district average on student state assessments

• Award-winning teachers

• Intervention and enrichment experiences at each grade level daily

• Integration of real-world experiences within the educational program. Including field trips, guest speakers, and special programming.

• Active parent organizations providing artists-in-residence programs, classroom volunteers, community social gatherings, educational parent forums, and more to enhance the elementary school experience for students and families