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The purpose of the Kohler PAO is to create a working relationship with the school and community in order to promote and support the music program.  The organization's main event is an annual auction. 100% of the proceeds from this benefit event are returned to the students in the form of either middle school music camp scholarships or financial support toward the high school performance tours. The event is a social highlight for the community of Kohler and generates tremendous interest in the performing arts. Since 1998, Kohler PAO has raised over $650,000 for the performing arts students of Kohler.

2022-23 Executive Board

Tagen Vaughn, President
open, Vice-President
Elisa Bonack, Secretary
Sarah Gartman, Treasurer
Eva Stokes, Choir Director
Richard Tengowski, Band Director 

PAO Middle School Scholarships Recipients

2023: Sebastian Berger, Angela Bustos, Mya Halverson & Haiden Taylor

2022:  none

2021: Catherine Barrock, Avery Harms, Chayton Haubert, Cheveyo Haubert, Ella Karamalegos, Gayathri Kotti, Daniel Walter

2020: No music camps due to Covid-19

2019: Rachel Fihn & Maddie Magle 

2018: Ava Childs & Stella Strickland

2017: Jaclyn Patterson, Nicole Roatch & Katelyn Roblee

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PAO Meeting:

Wrap up Meeting

Sunday, May 7, 2023 @5pm 

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