Music Education at Kohler

The Kohler Public School music department provides opportunities for students to study and perform music of the highest quality.  Beginning in first grade and continuing through high school, students are taught to become independent performers.

The music department has created a comprehensive and sequential curriculum, surpassing state and national standards in music.  Students in grades 7 and 8 must take at least one  music course: band, chorus and/or general music. Chorus and band are full-year courses; general music is a semester course.  Students in grade 9-12 must complete a graduation requirement of .5 credits of either Fine Arts or Applied Arts.

Link to Music Teacher Home Pages

Ms. Stokes (Choir)         Mrs. Kukla (General Music)         Mr. Tengowski (Band)

Calendar of Events

2019-20 Master Fine Arts Calendar

Upcoming Performances & Events 

Jan.9 Big East Honor Band & Choir Concert

Jan. 18 Clash of the Choirs

Feb. 3 PAO Meeting

Feb. 20-23 Willy Wonka

Feb. 29 WSMA District Solo & Ensemble Music Festival

Mar. 2 PAO Meeting  

Mar. 10  High School Music Concert

Mar. 12  Middle School Music Concert

Parents Role:

Mom and Dad are still the most important audience in the world!


Kohler Piano Campaign:

Kohler Schools was able to replace two old grand pianos and one upright piano. Check out our donors who provided fiscal support!

Current Events

MS Music Parent's Newsletter- January 2020

Solo & Ensemble Timeline

Solo & Ensemble Tips for Performance


Congratulation to the following Kohler students who were selected for the Big East Honors Band & Choir: 

Shelby Horth, Marcella Senti, Fiona Hidri, Olivia Grose, Chris Zhang, Ian Kanz, Justin Dyken, Greg Tengowski, Isaac Wieland, Alex Holland, Kelsey Sbrocco, Noelle Candler, Julia Ruelle, Austin Fibiger, Hannah Shvartsman, Lily Montes, Tanner Thyes, Henry Leblanc


Congratulation to the following Kohler students who were selected for the WI Choral Directors Association All-State Honors Choir:

Ella Albert, Anna Becker, Rachel Gartman, Olivia Grose, Fiona Hidri, Jaclyn Patterson, Chris Zhang


PAO Announces 2020 Dinner Auction

More information on the Performing Arts Organization website

2020 Dinner & Auction Information

2020 Donor Form

Past Donor Recognition


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