Strategic Plan

Goal: 75 % of students will score above the 60th percentile on MAP scores in both Reading and Math


  • Analysis of mid year MAP scores to monitor student growth to make instructional adjustments as indicated in results
  • Integrate STEAM* Initiatives for All Learners into the 4K-12 Curriculum 
  • Vertical Alignment of course content standards to provide clear learning targets and success criteria measured through formative and summative assessments and feedback.  
  • Create a Youth Internship program that provides pathways for our students to prepare for their future
  • Finalize 1:1 Chromebook/technology access for all K-12

*STEAM- Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics

Goal: Implement an annual climate and culture survey to staff, students and parents to gather data to design a plan that supports our work to create a positive and safe school climate.


  • Implement a well rounded wellness program for staff and focus on building stronger connections outside of the workplace
  • Create a Sportsmanship Student Leadership Group to promote a sense of School Spirit and Pride and display good sportsmanship. 
  • Submit sportsmanship articles to the Kohler Villager to expand our sportsmanship mission to our community
  • Create new district website that provides easy access to information for parents, students and our community
  • Provide an opportunity for student voice at the school board
  • Update our protocols on school safety to ensure best practices are being used.

Goal:  Utilize our new spaces and furniture to encourage innovation and inspire 21st century learners through modernized technology and lessons.


  • Develop a sign up schedule to provide opportunities for teachers to access collaborative learning spaces
  • Utilize STEAM lab materials including Ozobots, Bee-bots, Sphero, Lego Engineering and EiE curriculum to provide a highly engaging learning environment with modernized technology at the elementary level.
  • Provide training and support to teachers to utilize best practices in technology use.