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BOMBER (B-17G Flying Fortress) & INITIAL



OFFICIAL COLOR: Blue (Pantone 287) & White (Color Association of the US, Inc. Cable No. 70001)



What is the background as to how Kohler High School became the Blue Bombers?

Kohler of Kohler News, march, 1945 - Kohler Co. military notes:

1941 - Kohler Co. offered its facilities for the manufacturing of war materials. Examples of the materials that were manufactured were:

  • Shells: Designed & built equipment to advance the delivery
  • Fuzes: Assignment to build for 155MM, 75MM, 37MM artillery shells & 20MM aircraft shells. These are the mechanisms at the nose of a shell which detonate the explosive content at the desired point in the trajectory or on contact.
  • Submarine Torpedo Tubes: Furnished torpedo tube barrels, bronze parts and subassemblies for Manitowoc-built submarines. These were among the finest in the Navy.
  • Aircraft Valves and Fittings: Summer of 1942 Army Air Corps urged Kohler Co. to go into critical production and the assignment was accepted.
  • Aircraft Piston Rings: Summer of 1942 manufacture of the piston rings for Pfaft and Whitney engines used in some of the most important American military planes
  • Manufactured Shell Rotating Bands, Diesel Engin Bearings, & Aircraft Lock Nuts
  • Kohler Electric Plants: Became one of Kohler Co. most important contributions to Army and Navy military success.

When did Kohler High School officially become the Blue Bombers?

Sheboygan Press (&Notes) - newspaper articles were researched with specific dates of our sports teams and how they were referenced

  • 1944
    • Tue, Jan. 4 - "Kohler Cagers"
    • Fri, Oct. 20 - "Kohler Football Team"
    • Tue. Nov. 28 - "The Kohler Quintet"
    • Wed, Nov. 29 - "Kohler Blue & White"
    • It is Noted: Fall, 1944, Lester Conger, former District Administrator (1921-1945) officially named the BLUE BOMBERS
  • 1945
    • Mon, Feb. 19 - "The Blue Bombers" - 1st time BLUE BOMBERS appears in print
    • BUT Other references continued to appear in print:
    • Thur, Sept. 13 - "The Model Villagers"
    • Wed, Oct. 17 - "The Kohlerians"
  • 1946
    • Sat, Feb. 9 - "Kohler Blue Bombers" & "Kohlerians" appear in the same article
    • Nov - "The Blue Bombers" appears in the football team picture
  • 1947
    • Mon, May 26 - "KOHLER BLUE BOMBERS" is all that is printed moving forward
  • The official logo is the B-17G Flying Fortress and was approved and put into School Board Policy on February 14, 2005 (Jeff Dickert, District Administrator)
  • The "K" is also an official logo and is in the Lubalin Bold font
  • The official color: Blue (Pantone 287) & White