Music Education at Kohler

The Kohler Public School music department provides opportunities for students to study and perform music of the highest quality.  Beginning in first grade and continuting through high school, students are taught to become independent performers.

The music department has created a comprehensive and sequential curriculum, surpassing state and national standards in music.  Students in grades 7 and 8 must take at least one  music course: band, chorus and/or general music. Chorus and band are full-year courses; general music is a semester course.  Students in grade 9-12 must complete a graduation requirement of .5 credits of either Fine Arts or Applied Arts.

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Ms. Stokes (Choir)         Mrs. Kukla (General Music)         Mr. Tengowski (Band)

2017-18 Calendar of Events

2017-18 Master Calendar of Performances

Upcoming Performances & Events 

Feb. 2 @1:00 p.m. Middle School Musical (school performance) 

Feb. 3 @7:00 p.m. Middle School Musical “Honk!” 

Feb. 4 @2:00 p.m. Middle School Musical “Honk!”  

Feb. 24 WSMA District Solo & Ensemble at Kohler HS 

March 13 HS Band & Choir Concert

March 15 MS Band & Choir Concert 

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Current Events

Next PAO meeting will be January 18.

WSMA Solo & Ensemble Timeline

WSMA Solo & Ensemble Tips for Performing

WSMA Solo & Ensemble Performing Times-released Feb. 15


MS Music Parent's Newsletter- January 2018


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