Blue Ribbon Award


Secretary of Education, Dr. Arne Duncan, and State Superintendent, Dr. Tony Evers, congratulated Kohler High School as a 2013 Blue Ribbon School for Exemplary High Performance.

Our school community gathered  in celebration of this highest honor. Teachers and students received standing ovations for their work and dedication. We recognized Dr. Jane Bishop, Mrs. Kathleen Blaser, Mr. Daniel Buhr, Dr. John Egan, Miss Doris Herbst, Mr. Leonard Hucke, Mr. Richard Packer, Mr. Thomas Schnettler, our retired and present teachers, staff,students, families, and community for their contributions to our story. The high school story is one built upon and strengthened by the elementary and middle schools.

It is the greatest honor to be recognized as a school of national excellence. It reflects the collaboration among teachers, school staff, administrators, and school board along with families and the community to provide students a world class education and help all students achieve with preparation for future success.

Ms. Krejcarek, science teacher, and Ms. Trueblood, high school principal,  will travel to Washington DC in November to receive a National Blue Ribbon plaque and flag in honor of educational excellence and achievement.

Ceremony ceremony (1)

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