Exam Exemption Policy

Exam Exemption Presentation to Students
Exam Exemption Qualifying Request

Kohler High School Bomber Pride Exam Exemption Initiative

Statement of Purpose: POSITIVE LANGUAGE  

To acknowledge and reward students for demonstrating respectful and responsible behaviors in our high school. The initiative was developed by student leaders and the High School Bomber Pride Team.  


A student may exempt from one (1) exam per semester if the following criteria have been met:

  • Student has been absent NO MORE than a total of 24 class periods (the equivalent of 3 days) in   semester.
  • School-related absences do NOT count toward the total.
  • Special consideration will be given to students who have multiple absences related to a verified medical condition or special family circumstance.  (The Administrative Team will address any concerns or appeals.)
  • Juniors and Seniors will be allowed two days (2) college visits per school year which will  NOT count toward total absences for exemption.
  • Student has 3 or fewer total tardiness in the semester.
  • Student has NO unexcused absences.
  • Student has a cumulative grade of 85% or better in the course.

*** AP courses are not included in this policy.  No students may exempt from an exam in an AP class.

*** A qualifying student may exempt only one (1) semester exam per course.

  • Example:  If a student exempts from the semester 1 Geometry exam, that student must take the         semester 2 Geometry exam.

***  Any exam that is taken before the attendance cut-off date is not eligible for exemption.  The semester 2 attendance cut-off date will be adjusted for seniors.

Attendance Cut-Off Dates for 2016-2017 School Year:

Semester 1:  Thursday, Jan 12                 Semester 2:  Thursday, June 8
Exams are on Jan. 18 - 19                        Exams are on June 13 - 14