Kohler School Foundation Rocks through the Decades!

Where can you find Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, Prince, the Spice Girls, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, Sonny Bono, Nancy and Frank Sinatra, and a whole host of rockers? At Fall Follies' Rockin' through the Decades, of course!  

Thanks to the support of both individuals and corporate sponsors, the event raised well over a hundred thousand dollars for the Foundation’s Annual Fund, which will, in turn, be given to Kohler Schools in the form of grants that align strategically with the district’s priorities.

“It was so great to see the support of the community and we were thrilled to have had such a great turnout in our tenth year,” said Heather Torke. “So many attendees got into the spirit of the theme and it was a great evening for the school. We are grateful to those who support public education.  It makes a huge difference to the students and staff at Kohler Schools.” 

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Of significance this year, attendees and the community, together with the help of Prevea and the Brotz Family Foundation, raised a total of $45,000 toward a multimedia initiative.  The initiative provides students of all school ages the opportunity to create videos, compose music, produce movies and share them with others.  Included in the Multimedia Technology Suite is a lab of several Mac computers with industry-standard creative software, state-of-the-art video and sound equipment for recording, capacity to upload and share projects, and projection technology and a sound system to display the students’ authentically creative work in the cafeteria.  “This initiative is a perfect example of going beyond the basics of public education,” states Foundation board member, Nina Kohler, “It empowers children at all grade levels to be innovative in the way they express themselves and continues to expand the classroom beyond the four walls of the school.  We are happy to enhance the curriculum in the visual and performing arts departments.  Thanks to the support at Fall Follies, a vision of this magnitude suddenly becomes a reality.”  

Kohler Schools appreciates the tremendous support from the Foundation!