Wisconsin Student Assessment System


Wisconsin Student Assessment System

The Wisconsin Student Assessment System (WSAS) is a comprehensive statewide program designed to provide information about what students know in core academic areas and whether they can apply what they know. The WSAS includes:

  • The Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination (WKCE) at grades 4, 8, and10 in Science and Social Studies,
  • The Wisconsin Alternate Assessment for Students with Disabilities (WAA-SwD) at grades 4, 8, and10 in Science and Social Studies,
  • The Smarter Balanced Assessment (Smarter) in grades 3-8 n English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics,
  • Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) at grades 3-11 in ELA and Mathematics,
  • ACT Aspire at grades 9 & 10, and
  • The ACT at grade 11 for ELA and Mathematics, Science, and Writing.
  • ACT WorkKeys at grade 11

The federal No Child Left Behind Act required all states to test all students in reading and mathematics in grades 3 through 8 and once in high school. Student performance on these assessments is reported in proficiency categories and used for accountability determination at the school, district and state levels.

Helpful Links:

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Parent Information Brochure for Badger 3-8
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