Trivia Bowl

Trivia Bowl

What is it?

Twice a year students participate as a team in a trivia contest. Students answer questions from various categories each round. Categories can range from general history, to pop culture, or even “Stupid Music McB Likes.”  Questions range in difficulty and provide a stimulating and academic test for students.


The humble beginnings of the Trivia Bowl occurred in the back reading nook of the Kohler Public Library in the winter of 2012. A small gathering of 30 students participated in what has now has emerged as the event of the year at Kohler High School. The event has grown in magnitude and now regularly sees over 100 students participate. Teams dress up in themes, create unique nicknames, and even have dramatic entrances. The Trivia Bowl combines academics, competition, school spirit, enrichment opprotunities, and free pizza.

Community Outreach

In addition to providing students with an opportunity to show off their knowledge, the Trivia Bowl will add a charitable aspect to the event. This year students will be required to donate non perishable items which will be given to the Food Bank in Sheboygan. The goal will be for the school to donate 1000 different items for the needy.

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Media Coverage

The following link is from the Sheboygan Press's coverage of the Trivia Bowl during the 2015 Homecoming Celebration.

Trivia Bowl Flyer