Testing the Waters

Testing the Waters Fall

The Testing the Waters Program is an extracurricular science enrichment program. Students enrolled in College Prep Chemistry, College Prep Physics, or Advanced/Honors Biology are eligible for this program. This science enrichment program alsoencourages them to use some of their biology and chemistry skills.

The students will be actively involved in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting biology andchemistry data related to the water quality of the Sheboygan River. The Kohler group is responsible for testing the river near Black Wolf Run Golf course. Some of the tests include dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, total phosphates, nitrates, turbidity, total solids, fecal coliform, and macroinvertebrates.

The water test results are sent to the Maywood Environmental Center and also to the local Department of Natural Resources. Other Sheboygan County schools test different parts of the river. All of the results are shared at a forum in the spring at Maywood. Along with presenting the data, students suggest explanations for their findings, and work together to explore possible action plans that might have a positive impact on the area's land conservation and the environment. Students attend sessions where water quality experts provide needed information.

Advisor: Dana Krejcarek