National History Day

National History Day is an exciting academic enrichment program that helps students learn about historical issues, ideas, people, and events. This year-long academic adventure fosters students' enthusiasm for learning and their love for history.

National History Day teaches skills helpful for a successful future. The program's three central elements develop participants' abilities to:

  1. Complete extensive research;

  2. Critically analyze and develop historical conclusions about information they have discovered in a variety of sources; and

  3. Present and defend their interpretations in a critical, yet creative forum.

Working individually or collaboratively in groups of two to five, students produce historical documentaries, exhibits, dramatic performances and research papers based on an annual theme. Students in 6th through 12th grade may choose to participate in the national event cycle by presenting their research at a competitive series of local, regional, state and national events.

If students choose to participate in the national event cycle, their work is evaluated at different stages by historians, educators and professionals in related fields. Award-winning entries at the Wisconsin History Day state event held in late April/early May are then eligible to participate in the National History Day contest held in June in Washington, D.C.

Advisor:  Mrs. LaBudde  and Mr. Baynes