The GLOBE Program is an extracurricular science enrichment program. Students enrolled in College Prep Biology or General Biology are eligible for this program. Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) is a hands-on international environmental science and education program. GLOBE links students, teachers, and the scientific research community in an effort to learn more about our environment through student data collection and observation.The goals of GLOBE are: to enhance the environmental awareness of individuals throughout the world; to contribute to scientific understanding of the earth; and to help all students reach higher levels of achievement in science and mathematics. Students from the ages of five through eighteen years in schools throughout the world conduct a continuing program of scientifically meaningful environmental measurements. GLOBE students transmit their data to a central data processing facility via the Internet, receive vivid images composed of their data and data from other GLOBE schools around the world, acquire information from a variety of sources, and collaborate with scientists and other GLOBE students and communities worldwide in using these data for education and research.

Advisor: Jessie Good